"Steve Rooney is a wonderful yoga teacher. There is a magic in his class. I have always felt very restored and peaceful after a group class with him. I have also had the privilege of taking private lessons with him and deeply appreciate his sequencing, knowledge and care. What is so special about Steve's classes is that one can feel that Steve loves what he is teaching, that he embodies what he is teaching and that he loves to share with others the wonders of yoga - not only yoga's physical aspects but also its energetic and spiritual components. I hope you will have the blessing to study with Steve."

Ananda Apfelbaum, BA, LMT, RYT

Thai Massage Therapist and Instructor, author of "Thai Massage Sacred Bodywork"


"I was fortunate to have a doctor recommend Steve Rooney to me over ten plus years ago. Our weekly evening class is a perfect way to de-stress and relax after a crazy day. I always leave it feeling 100% better than I arrived. This is not an exercise class, it is deeply healing yoga for adults. Steve is very quick to adjust his work based on a student’s specific needs (or wants). He has a wonderful ease in his teaching and is always happy to take the time to explain and adjust any part of the practice. Steve is tops in my book and I am so grateful to have him as my teacher.

Julia Judge

Artistic Administrator, Lincoln Center Theater


“I’ve had ten years’ experience of Steve’s class—the deep intelligence that guides asana sequences, his nimbleness in navigating practical and psychological obstacles, and the constancy of our journey toward joy. 

He designed two terrific home practices for me; they are useful, and my friends.”

Sheila Paige

Co-Founder of Women Make Movies, filmmaker and producer, script supervisor, photographer, and writer


"Working privately with Steve helped me reduce chronic low back pain and general structural stiffness. I continue to enjoy his weekly small group class and highly recommend this work!"

Jay Taragin

CFO, Baya Build Inc.


"In my early days of Steve’s class, I was curious to notice that the work felt effective, yet quiet.  Reflective.  The beauty of his approach, I realized, is that Steve creates space for individual discovery and practice of new ways to use the breath – our greatest tool – to renew body, mind and spirit."

Bethany Wall

Non-Profit Strategy and Development Consultant